Trial and error is fine for scientists but when it comes to system integration, getting things right the first time is essential. Expert Cinescope installation and system integration teams get your mobile and fixed location broadcast facilities up and running quickly and reliably, while keeping service downtime to an absolute minimum.

Top-notch Cinescope engineers meticulously follow professional installation procedures based on best practices developed over years of experience and comply strictly with all local and international codes and regulations. Cinescope is renowned for orderly, color-coded wiring, clearly labeled components and well-organized racks that make maintenance a snap.

Once installation is completed, all system documentation is thoroughly reviewed and updated, when needed, so there is never a discrepancy between system diagrams and actual installations. Cinescope is also pleased to provide on-site training for your operators and technicians.

Count on Cinescope installation for facilities that consistently provide highest quality broadcast signals.