Once your new system is up and running, Cinescope is pleased to provide essential support services for you and your clients, at your site or from our facilities, for a limited time or on an ongoing basis. Our support services ensure that you, your employees and your clients get the most return on your investment in new broadcast facilities.

Based on a SLA that reflects the unique needs of your organization, Cinescope offers support services that include coaching, in-service instruction and first and second line support.


First Line Support

Professional CineScope support personnel provide front line support for all technical, usability, training and/or performance issues relating to your studio or broadcasting facility’s operations. Support may be provided for a transition period or indefinitely, as needed.

Second Line Support

Give your support staff a strong resource to turn to when they need a hand. Seasoned CineScope second line support staff has the expertise needed to resolve non-routine issues and ensure that the thorniest support tickets can be resolved quickly and to the client’s satisfaction.


Call on CineScope to train new employees to use your system, coach in-house staff and provide periodic courses that highlight specific system capabilities.

Remote Support Services

Remote support services give CineScope customers immediate access to assistance when they need it, at the lowest cost. Using powerful web-based applications, CineScope support staff logs onto your systems and troubleshoots exactly as they would on site.

On-site Support Services

CineScope is glad to deploy professionally trained support staff to support our customers’ operations as on a contract basis. They serve as an integral part of our customers’ teams, bringing valuable experience and a base of practical knowledge that is virtually unmatched in the field.