GoPro Max vs Insta360 One X: Ultimate Comparison


Insta360 finally has some serious competition with the release of the GoPro Max, the second generation GoPro 360 camera. The GoPro Max features many of the same features we’ve come to love with the One X, along with a few unique features of its own. The One X has been heralded as the most user-friendly 360 camera ever, something which the entire industry has struggled with. GoPro have clearly paid attention to this and modelled their new GoPro Max around ease of use. So should you choose the GoPro Max or the Insta360 One X? In this post, we’ll be comparing the specifications, features, image quality and user experience to see which comes out on top.


Specs Insta360 One X GoPro Max
Lenses 2 x f/2.0 2 x f/2.0
Video Resolution 5.7K @ 30fps – 4K @ 50fps – 3K @ 100fps  5.6K @ 30fps – Hero Mode 1440p @60fps
Photo Resolution 18 MP  (jpeg & RAW) 16.6 MP (jpeg)
360 Live-Stream Yes – 4K Yes – 1080p
Stabilization “Flowstate” 6 Axis Stabilization “Hypersmooth” 6 Axis Image Stabilization
Waterproof With waterproof case (added extra) Fully Waterproof up to 16ft (no case required)
Shockproof No Shock Resistant Casing
Memory Up to 256GB Micro SD Up to 256GB MicroSD
Battery 60-80 Minutes of Video 1 Hour of Video
Sensors Gyroscope, Wifi, Bluetooth Gyroscope, GPS, Wifi Bluetooth
Audio x2 Microphone x 6 Microphone (ambisonic audio)
Compatibility iPhone & Android Android/Apple
Other Features HDR Photo and Video, Reframe App, Slow Motion, 360 Time Lapse, Bullet Time Reframe App, 360 Time Lapse, Time Warp, Single Lens Hero Mode, LCD Screen
Price $399 $499
Specs Analysis:

Just looking at the raw specs it seems that the two cameras are fairly evenly matched; in fact the Insta360 One X has slightly better video and photo resolution. The two cameras are targeting the same user base with an easy to use 360 camera that also be used to create “normal” video using a mobile editing app.


Livestream: The Insta360 One X can livestream 360 video at 4K resolution whereas the GoPro Max can only livestream 1080p.

Battery: Both cameras can shoot video for just over an hour continuously and both have replaceable batteries.