What we say about our services?

In the rapidly changing media and broadcast scene, even experienced professionals can-and do–miss important developments in some areas even as they deepen their expertise in others. Staying up-to-date across the full spectrum of new media technology, capabilities and methodologies gives media companies, entertainment providers and enterprises the knowledge and tools they need to create exciting new customer offerings, increase efficiency and reduce operating expense.

As the video experts, Cinescope Consulting Services stays at the cutting edge of media technology, business practices and innovative applications, so you don’t have to. Whether you need quality information about new media and broadcast trends and technologies and analysis as to how they will impact your customers and your business, or are seeking guidance regarding best practices for reliable, cost-effective broadcast operations, Cinescope provides the facts you need as well as astute insight and accurate projections.

Cinescope technology consulting and special projects teams help you turn media ideas into real services by planning the systems and technologies needed to implement them and assessing the feasibility and value of the business proposition.


Installation - Really, a cup of tea for us

Trial and error is fine for scientists but when it comes to system integration, getting things right the first time is essential. Expert Cinescope installation and system integration teams get your mobile and fixed location broadcast facilities up and running quickly and reliably, while keeping service downtime to an absolute minimum.

Top-notch Cinescope engineers meticulously follow professional installation procedures based on best practices developed over years of experience and comply strictly with all local and international codes and regulations. Cinescope is renowned for orderly, color-coded wiring, clearly labeled components and well-organized racks that make maintenance a snap.

Once installation is completed, all system documentation is thoroughly reviewed and updated, when needed, so there is never a discrepancy between system diagrams and actual installations. Cinescope is also pleased to provide on-site training for your operators and technicians.

Count on Cinescope installation for facilities that consistently provide highest quality broadcast signals.

Consulting - Have our services in your way!

The reason behind our successful journey!

The digital revolution of the past quarter century has put powerful capabilities that were once the exclusive province of Hollywood studios into the hands of small content producers and broadcasters.

With multi-million dollar setups no longer required to create professional-quality content and distribute it worldwide, the nature of the media and entertainment industries have undergone profound changes.

The fragmentation and democratization of the industry, combined with the rapid pace of technology development and accompanying changes in production and distribution processes, have made it vastly more challenging to keep up with technology and the market.

Count on Cinescope to keep you informed about important industry trends and developments. We distill critical information from distracting hype to ensure that you have the intelligence you need to stay ahead of competitors. Whether you are just starting to look into integrating media capabilities in your operations, or upgrading an existing broadcast installation with a cutting edge video workflow, Cinescope streamlines your discovery process.

Cinescope market intelligence consulting services focus on four areas of rapid change in the media landscape:

Cinescope Consulting Services

Digital Workflows for TV
Cinescope video experts are outstanding guides to the software-based future of media processing.

TV-Internet Convergence
Cinescope has the technical expertise and the industry knowledge to guide you through the new world of media convergence.

TV Everywhere
Cinescope will provide you the intelligence you need to create the right multi-screen platform and offerings for your market, at just the right time.

Content Distribution Models
The goal of a Content Distribution Models is to serve content to users with high availability and high performance.

We provide the best in our business

The recent revolutions in video technology, distribution platforms and content generation have far-reaching ramifications for and operational issues such as licensing, storage and rights management, as well as for business challenges such as maintaining continuity and profitability in the face of rapid technology obsolescence.

Cinescope has a deep understanding of the economic factors, technology and market forces that impact media businesses. We have developed best practices that enable media companies to successfully anticipate and navigate both revolutions and more subtle shifts in technology, markets, platforms and business models that are buffeting traditional broadcast businesses. Our best practices help you succeed right out of the gate, saving you the stress and financial pressures that result from learning through hard experience.

Simply serving new technologies

In recent years, the market has been flooded with solutions that build on legacy broadcast and IT technology products, developed by a wide range of established and emerging technology providers. While most producers claim that their products offer interoperability and standard APIs, many system integrators find it simpler to choose from a limited menu of easy-to-integrate products-regardless of whether the products are optimal for their customers’ needs.

At Cinescope, our sole interest is in designing solutions that are optimal for our clients’ needs. Because we are expert in designing and building workflows that integrate diverse products and systems, we select products solely based on how well they meet your needs, not how easy it will be for us to integrate them in the workflow.

To ensure that our customers’ interests and requirements remain central to our mission, Cinescope does not serve as a distributor or representative for any video system provider.

We surface the road to your destiny

The convergence of video and internet has made it possible as well as potentially profitable for individuals and businesses to monetize content they own, and to leverage access to a large base of potential in-person or online viewers through non-traditional broadcasting initiatives.

Community-based organizations such as school districts, libraries and religious institutions may choose to broadcast lectures, workshops and performances to the larger community via the internet, while large retailers, banks, restaurants and even auto mechanics may distract their waiting customers-and earn advertising revenue–by broadcasting entertainment and advertising content on screens in their waiting areas. Or perhaps a popular blogger wishes to add video content in order to generate more page views.

Cinescope specializes in designing custom solutions that enable non-traditional broadcasters to expand their offerings and capabilities by integrating video broadcast media.

Design & Engineering - We say it our art and it truly reflects

Cinescope Design & Engineering services develop creative and effective solutions for broadcast and media production, post-production, transmission, distribution and communications systems. Whether you need to integrate new capabilities in an existing system or to create a full end-to-end high performance workflow from scratch, our experienced team has the experience and expertise you need. .

Our thorough discovery process is the key to the success of our design and engineering services. Before the first sketch is drawn or spec is written, we make sure that we fully understand the business and technical needs that underlie the project, as well as the path and characteristics of the content that is the lifeblood of every media business.

Once we understand the role the planned solution will serve and how it will be used, we design systems that will continue to provide high-quality signals for years to come, and that can be easily upgraded and scaled as new technologies come online and your business grows. Our systems are precision engineered for outstanding performance, ease of operation, and low maintenance. Fine-grained layouts, workflows, wiring plans, lists of equipment and precise selection of software prevent unpleasant surprises during the installation process.

Count on Cinescope to design

Broadcast facilities including production studios, master control rooms, newsrooms, sound stages, on-site broadcast booths and graphic editing facilities.
Outside broadcasting vehicles and mobile units such as satellite and broadband newsgathering trucks, compact on-board broadcast systems, and production trailers. Satellite earth stations and other transmission stations. Digital asset management systems that provide instant access to all digital assets while ensuring their security. Integrated Cinescope systems may be based at the customer’s site or hosted by Cinescope and provided on a software-as-a-service basis. Media asset management (MAM) systems that are fully integrated with all workflows. Cinescope MAMs organize media assets and associated metadata and provide easy, secure, permission-based access. Content management systems (CMS) that support content providers through all stages of content publication in collaborative environments.Cinescope content management systems manage versions, metadata, access, formats and more while ensuring a smooth workflow.