the focus puller has the film set precisely in his view :

  • includes: easy subject tracking function
  • distance read out
  • interface to different lens control systems
  • time and speed control of the focus pull
  • multi tracking
  • visual focus planes
  • depth of field display
  • advanced focus peaking

The Basic system of IMAGE+ is the measurement unit, short IMU. With the measurement unit, distance measurement with easy object tracking is possible. That means a moving object can be followed easily (Setup A). The measurement unit offers an interface, where traditional LCS-systems (Arri, cmotion, Preston, chrosziel) can be attached and the distance value can be read out. A focus motor can be directly connected to the measurement unit (Setup B).

  • A graphical user interface on a touch screen extends the system with new features to an advanced focus pulling system (Setup C).
  • Working with aperture and moving subjects
  • Ideal for shoulder, Steadicam, crane, dolly
  • Distance determination in unseen situations
  • Easy setup, instant ready to use
  • focus at a finger tip
  • Ready for 8k