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We are focused, by keeping our eyes on these goals we have successfully navigated often tumultuous industry waters throughout these years.

It has been 20 years since I started my love affair with films & production gears. The company was founded to enter the video era with innovative products driven by professional customer needs.

– Founder. Monish Shahani


Today, we have a line of over 1,000 products. Each one of our esteemed brands is developed through extensive R&D and customer feedback. This combination of premium brands & unmatched services is what keeps Cinescope ahead. Listening to, and acting on, customer feedback sets our products apart from others. We have built our reputation on this.

When our customers purchase a product or render service from us, they know they are getting value for their money, with performance, reliability and quality. We claim credit for introducing technologies like 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer, wireless HD video transmission system, wireless follow focus system, prime lenses – the only set in the world with unified weight and size. We have pioneered distribution for premium production international brands like Hanse Inno Tech GmbH, Freefly Systems, Connex by Amimon, RT Motion England, SmallHD USA, FloatCam Poland & many.

All of these resulted from our insistence on uncompromising commitment and quality assurance at every step – from the actual workflow designing, procurement & delivery.

A personal connection with our customers is crucial to our success. We have offices at 3 locations in India able to serve the regional market, with local support and expertise. Today, there are thousands of products in use nationwide. Every product carries our personal guarantee and service commitment. Our team stands behind every product we sell – even years after it is in use.

Government, cinema, corporate, education, house of worship, sports, hospitals and retail markets rely on our technology every day. We enjoy these successes thanks both to the loyalty of our customers and to our esteemed partnered brands.


  • 2013 Appointed Distributor for India by ZACUTO (USA)
  • 2014 Appointed Distributor for India by FREEFLY SYSTEMS (USA)
  • 2014 Participated at BROADCAST INDIA (MUMBAI)
  • 2015 Appointed Distributor for India by QINEMATIQ (AUSTRIA)
  • 2015 Appointed Distributor for India by CONNEX BY AMIMON (USA)
  • 2015 Appointed Distributor for India by SMALLHD (USA)
  • 2015 Participated at BROADCAST INDIA (MUMBAI)
  • 2016 Appointed Reseller for India by DJI (CHINA)
  • 2016 Appointed Distributor for India by CINEGEARS (CHINA)
  • 2016 Appointed Distributor for Asia by  HANSE INNO TECH GMBH (GERMANY)
  • 2016 Launched Celere HS by HANSE INNO TECH IN MUMBAI
  • 2016 Launched Celere HS by HANSE INNO TECH IN HYDERABAD
  • 2016 Launched Celere HS by HANSE INNO TECH IN CHENNAI
  • 2016 Introduced Celere HS 18.5mm in Asia at REDUCATION LA SALLE-SIA COLLEGE OF ARTS, SINGAPORE
  • 2016 Participated at BROADCAST ASIA SINGAPORE
  • 2016 Participated at BROADCAST INDIA (MUMBAI)
  • 2016 Appointed Distributor for India by FLOATCAM (POLAND)
  • 2017 Appointed Distributor for Asia by RT MOTION (ENGLAND)
  • 2017 Appointed Distributor for India by PD MOVIE (ENGLAND)
  • 2017 Appointed Distributor for India by EARTEC (USA)
  • 2018 Appointed Distributor for India by FLOWCINE (SWEDEN)
  • 2018 Appointed Distributor for India by FEELWORLD MASTER (CHINA)
  • 2018 Participated at BROADCAST INDIA (MUMBAI)
  • 2019 Appointed Distributor for India by VAXIS (CHINA)
  • 2019 Appointed Distributor for India by INSTA360 (CHINA)
  • 2019 Appointed Distributor for India by LITRA (USA)
  • 2019 Participated at IIPVTF (GANDHINAGAR)
  • 2019 Participated at PHOTOTECH INDIA 2019 (KOLKATA)
  • 2019 Participated at PHOTO VIDEO ASIA 2019 (DELHI)
  • 2019 Appointed Distributor for India by SMARTSYSTEM (ITALY)
  • 2019 Participated at BROADCAST INDIA SHOW (MUMBAI)

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