Best Mountain Bike Camera: Insta360 ONE R

When it comes to capturing your line, you’ll need a mountain bike camera that’s fit for the job. In this blog, we’ll show you why Insta360 ONE R can take your MTB content to the next level.

Mountain bike action camera
Swappable Lenses
Pick a lens for your line. Whether it’s the Dual-Lens 360 Mod to capture all your surroundings, or a wide-angle lens for that classic action cam look.

Insta360 ONE R MTB cam
How to shoot, mount and edit with ONE R.

Shots that make ONE R the go-to mountain bike camera.
Shot 1: The Unicorn Shot
With this technique, it’s like a drone is keeping pace with your run. Insta360 ONE R keeps the stick invisible in your shots, it’s mounted to the helmet here, but you’d never know from the end result.

mountain bike camera
Just mount ONE R on your helmet and point the rod right ahead of you, almost like a unicorn’s horn.

best mountain bike cam
Shot 2: Slow Mo
Once you’ve mastered mounting your ONE R creatively, try slowing down the action on key parts of your run.

Best 360 MTB cam
Shot 3: The Classic MTB Action Cam Shot
If you fancy that classic action camera look for your line, you can always swap out to the 4K Wide-Angle Mod mounted to the chest mount, or mount the 360 Mod to the chest mount and lock the direction facing forward.

360 mountain bike camera
FlowState Stabilization on ONE R is ideal for rough terrain. Check out how smooth that fooatage turns out, no gimbal needed.

Shot 4: The FreeCapture Shot
The beauty of 360 is that you don’t have to aim your camera at all. Just frame it later in the app. Try placing the ONE R down on a part of your run, and track yourself later in the app. Or, reframe your mounted shots at any point of your run.

Top MTB cameras
And of course, you can also swap lenses to a Wide-Angle Mod for a dialled in action shot.

best cam for mtb
Shot 5: The Back Bar Shot
You can get insane video game like shots with the Back Bar. It straps around your waist, with an extension pole to hold the camera.

best camera for mountain biking
Shot 6: The Helmet Mount Shot
ONE R can be mounted just like a standard action cam. The difference? Unlimited field of view, reframing and super stable shots. Try mounting vertically on your helmet for this head turner.

Shot 7: The TimeShift Shot
With the ONE R app, you can control time and perspective. Mix in hyperlapses up to 16x speed, or slow it down to 1/2x speed at key moments. TimeShifts look great on pump tracks.

Shot 8: The Stats Shot
When you turn on Stats, you can select between a whole bunch of things to overlay on your video. Speed, elevation, gradient or GPS location name a few of the Stats you can overlay. This is great for tracking your run.

If you don’t want to take your phone on the trail, pick yourself up a GPS Smart Remote or use an Apple Watch to track your GPS data.

Mountain bike camera deal.
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