Eartec UltraLITE HD 2 person system w/ 2 Double Headsets, batteries, charger & case


Eliminates Wires and Belt-Worn Radios
2 Double-Ear Remote Headsets
Provides Hands-Free Communication
2 Rechargeable Batteries
2-Port Charger & Case

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Eartec HD UL2D Overview

Wireless Communication Headset System
400′ Communication Range
2 Single-Ear Remote Headsets
2-Bay Multi-Port Charging Base
1 Large Soft Padded Case
2 Lithium Batteries

The UL2D UltraLITE 2-Person Headset System from Eartec includes one UltraLITE Dual Master headset, one UltraLITE Double Remote headset, two batteries, a two-port charger, and a medium soft-side case. It is designed to accommodate two people who need to communicate wirelessly while simultaneously working with their hands. .

The UltraLITE single and dual headsets have the tranceiver built right inside the ear-cup, eliminating headset wires and belt worn radios. They provide two-way voice communication and the microphone arm can swivel 270°.

UltraLITE Dual-Ear Master Headset with Rechargeable Lithium Battery from Eartec is a self-contained, replacement full-duplex wireless intercom headset. It can be used to provide simultaneous talk and two-way voice communication for users that need to work with their hands, yet also require effective voice communication even in high-noise environments.

The system eliminates belt-worn radios because all electronics are built into the ear cups. The fully adjustable noise cancelling microphone ensures effective voice communication.


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